Some pictures from my last trip

Here are some few pictures that I took the last days.
I had no time to arrange it really nicely ( internet is charged by Minute ),
but maybe you like some of them.

Let me know what you think !

My Bungalow on Kho Phang Ghan. Directly at the beach, 7 Euro/Night ...

View from my Hut .

The world famous Full moon Party. Should be one of the world craziest, but compared
to some other parties I have been .... boring ....

Northern view of Haat Rin Beach ( where I satay )

Haat Rin Beach seen from a northern viewpoint.


More nice beaches


As you can imagine, my bike was an attraction, wherever I stopped on the way

Dusk ...

High up over BKK.

Me with a big sunburn ...

blond !

A nice Temple

Going to Kho Pang Ghan on a speedboat.

Quite steep roads here ...

More nice beaches.

Beautifull Thai Temple !

Today was really strong wind

How I stayed during my trip from BKK to Chumpon