German Embassy Nairobi

The German Embassy in Nairobi has to move from its old location to a new, safer location until December 2003.
It was decided that the old location on the 8th and 9th floor of a 9floor building in downtown Nairobi was not safe anymore. A new building was found but the original Kenyan installations were so unsecure that it was decided to make a complete new installation.
My friend Knut got the contract, but as it is a lot of work he asked, if I could help.

So with the help of our Kenyan workers,
we are trying to manage everyting
until the end of december.

The new Embassy is located on a beautifull ground which is owned by a german church. Through the double main gate you reach the security gates of the embassy

The security gate is still being build on this foto, behind you see the embassy building.