My Place in Münster

I live in a shared house in Münster - Nienberge - Häger.
It is in a small village on the countryside, about 8
Km from the city-center of Münster.

Just behind my house there is the small train station
'Münster-Nienberge' which is only 2 stations to Münster

We are four people and a black cat. I like all the people but
I hate the cat. It pissed too many times in my bed and my room ...

Manuel is just finishing his studies of Mathmatics
Maria is also just about to finish her studies of Mathmatics
Judith is making her aprentenship to become a teacher
They are all brothers and sisthers.

Life is nice here, the house is new, spacious and due to the big
windows it is very light inside.

I am living in the room under the roof. The two roof-windows
that you can see belong to my room. Also I have a triangle window
down to the winter-garden.